When did you join the IndieWeb?

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I think I first heard of the IndieWeb movement in 2016 sometime. It’s a bit hazy now, but I’ve a memory that I stumbled on it through a trail of links starting on Wikity.

I’ve tinkered with web sites in some form or another for a long time, and I have happy memories of various weird Geocities experiments, sadly lost to the sands of time it seems.

As far as independently hosting goes, I appear to have had a self-hosted blog since 2006 at my old domain noodlemaps.net – thanks Wayback Machine for that! My first self-hosted post is seemingly on the topic of data sonification and playing non-audio files through /dev/dsp on Linux. Excellent.

I’ve had a self-hosted blog up at doubleloop.net since around 2013 (thanks again Internet Archive). I went through a through static site generators. I actually really like how my old Hexo-based site looked. Better than my current site…

My first documented attendance of HWC London looks to be December 2016, hosted by Calum and Barry who were really welcoming. Around then, I fiddled about with various platforms before switching over to WordPress.

I’ve really enjoyed being part of the IndieWeb community. My active involvement (at events, on IRC, etc) has peaked and waned over the years, but I’ve still always felt part of the bigger whole. That’s another post, though.

How did you find out about the IndieWeb community?

Yea I think showing the replies inline makes it more interesting than just an aggregator to me. I hope it might stimulate some blogchains (https://doubleloop.net/2020/04/05/blogchains-and-hyperconversations/)

I kicked one off, if you’re interested! – https://www.indieforums.net/threads/c1c36e81a755848c.html

Neil - I read your post about blogchains and that concept is one I was really hoping would happen with IndieForums! I've had a hard time following topics and conversations on IndieWeb sites if the conversation gets taken to another reply-thread. You get a reply, someone replies to that reply, but you as the OP or reader don't really know that there is a thread now on that reply. But if you all reference some common aggregator, the thread can stay together.

Also - one of the things I really liked (like? They aren't all dead!) about forums versus something like Reddit or Facebook is that you can ressurect a thread from the past. One new reply and it's back at the top, so the conversation can continue and new readers can easily find it.

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